Priorities First offers many organization and relocation services for you, your home and your business. The benefits of organization are infinite and can only be realized once your space has been transformed. Do yourself, your family and your coworkers a favor by utilizing the services of Priorities First. Imagine more time and less stress for you and others around you.


  • Primary and Vacation Homes
  • Organization of every room including additional buildings on property
  • Unpacking service
  • Functional home set- up
  • Downsizing, moving and relocations
  • Home organization maintenance
  • Storage unit organization and downsizing
  • Seasonal clothing transfer
  • Paper management
  • Editing of possessions prior to placing home on the market
  • Clutter control
  • Scrapbooks and memorabilia


  • Entire office or business organization
  • Warehouse and storage management and organization
  • Downsizing
  • Records storage design
  • Custom filing systems
  • Paper management

Personal Services

  • Errand and shopping services
  • Personal affairs management
  •  Decorating for holidays
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