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Priorities First has been in business for over 30 years.  Please see below for some of the accomplishments we have earned and the recognition we have received.

  • 30 years Serving the Puget Sound Area
  • Inaugural Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) May 2007
  • National Association of Professional Organizers ( NAPO ) Member
  • Golden Circle Member for the National Association Professional Organizers
  • Golden Circle Liaison for Washington State since 2000
  • One of the founding members of the Seattle NAPO Chapter
  • Past Director for the Seattle NAPO Chapter
TV, Radio, Video and Speaking:
  • KEZX AM 1150 “Executive Weekly with Holly Sanders” April 1998
  • KIRO TV “News at Noon Show with Joyce Taylor” April 1997
  • Microsoft Video “Learn Microsoft Outlook 97: Getting Organized” 1997
  • KIRO TV “News at Noon Show with Julie Haener” October 1996
  • Barnes and Noble “Time to Organize” October 1996
  • Barnes and Noble “Getting a Jump on Procrastination!..
  • Get Organized in 95” February 1995
  • KIRO 710 Radio “The Rick Enlow Variety Show” March 1995
TV, Radio, Video and Speaking:
Featured In:
  • “The Gracious Art of Keeping Chaos at Bay” Puget Sound Business Journal, August 2008
  • “Resources for Accidental Salespeople” June 1998
  • “Is Your Tax Return Puzzle Stumping You?” Tri-City Herald, February 1997
  • “Organizing Specialist” Tidy Talk November 1997
  • “A clean desk . . .may require a professional organizer’s help” The Olympian, September 1996
  • “1996 Nellie Cashman” Eastside Business Journal, September 1996
  • “Closet To Go” Journal American, January 1995
  • “Get Organized! Stay Organized!” In Transition Small Business Profile, Spring 1995
  • “Advice for a price” Eastside Week, June 1991
Featured In:
  • “An orderly Office Space” Seattle Times-Digs, September 2005
  • “Get it together“ Seattle Post-Intellegencer, October 2001
  • “NAPO Professional Organizers” Seattle Homes and Lifestyles, August 1997
  • “Consumed by Clutter?” Journal American, September 1996
  • “Check emotional baggage before leaving on vacation” Today’s Careers, May 1996
  • “Methods to cure job-hunt madness” Today’s Careers, August 1995
  • “Closet experts help prioritize organize household clutter” The Seattle Times, February 1995
  • “Save your sanity” Journal American, November 1994
Articles Published:
  • “Getting More Life in Your Lifestyle” Women Business Owners Newsletter, November 1996
Articles Published:
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