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“To my great surprise and delight, Sandee’ services were exactly what I had been needing for the previous 25 years.  The benefits were astronomical.  Sometimes I just went into my office and sat looking around.  I was awestruck.” 

Bob, Olympia WA

"Sandee made the move into my new home a pleasure.  I love how she organized my closets!"

Kathy, Issaquah WA

“She changed my life.  I have peace of mind and ease now that I didnt know I could have.”

Chris, Seattle WA

“Thank you for bringing order out of chaos!  The actual work was easier than I expected and all the results were well worth the effort.”

Peggy, Issaquah WA

"Sandee takes the time to understand your style and organizes with that in mind.   Now, everything has a place, and I can pick up or find anything quickly, she made the down-sizing from a 3 story house to a condo relatively painless.  You need this woman!"

Nell, Seattle WA

"Sandee is amazing.  She has not only organized my office, closet and business, but also my husband's office, music and ham-radio room.  She deals with every piece of mail that comes to our home.  She will RSVP to meetings and parties, run errands and leave notes for me on what needs to be done if I am not home while she's there.  I trust Sandee completely with my personal, financial and family affairs.  Being organized is a gift I don't have.  Sandee has that gift."

Mary, Medina WA

“Priorities First was a transformative experience for me. I had such an accumulation of disorganized stuff, spread out over many areas of the house, from the garage to my offices, and it finally got to me. When Sandee Fahlen and her team arrived, I was skeptical. And a little worried. Could I let go of control? Could I trust someone else with my things? Even with important papers?  With her 20 plus years of experience, Ms. Fahlen’s excitement and confidence was contagious. And instructive.  At the end of the week, I was organized, I knew where things were my life had changed. And I had bought in to all the changes. I would recommend Priorities First to anyone who wants a clean sweep and a life change. It’s better than chocolate.”

Patti Payne, Seattle WA

"After moving and starting a job that had me working 60+ hours a week, I finally said "Uncle" and called Priorities First to come and bail me out.  The Priorities First Team engineered moving me into my townhouse (down to the details of arranging my spices!), organized my closet so it looked like one you would see in an advertisement for closet systems, and cleared my garage so my car and everything else fits and is stored so I can find it.  The Priorities First Team is amazing and the time and peace of mind I now have when I come home is worth every penny of the investment I made for her help."

Lynn, Richland WA

“You have transformed my life!”

Moira, Seattle WA

“You have changed my life.  It has allowed me to pursue the other aspects of my life with more pleasure.”

Marti, Redmond WA

“Sandee did an excellent job organizing our garage and creating order out of our photographic collection.  We used to come home everyday and our first impression of our home was the mess in the garage.  Now, not only does the garage look good, it’s also very easy to locate items quickly.”

Heide, Seattle WA

“I once again love working in my office, I have a handle on the paperwork and information systems and no longer do I procrastinate on important tasks.  My office has a fresh look and I have a new outlook.”

Nancy, Seattle WA

I hired Sandee to create systems within my business.  One day I mentioned that my house had sold and I had not made arrangements to move.  After a brief discussion I handed her the keys to my house.  Four days later Sandee handed me the keys to my storage unit where all my possessions were safely stored.”

Kevin, North Bend WA

I wonder whether your other clients are as embarrassed to need you as I was.  Now I want everything I own to have the Sandee stamp of efficiency on it.” 

Marsha, Seattle WA

“Our office was nothing short of a disaster when you first came.  At times the clutter and chaos made me want to sit down and cry.  It seemed hopeless!  You however were always able to ground us with a vision of the finished product.  Equally important is the support and information you provided on the potential emotional and psychological impacts on our staff.  Everything you predicted came true, but we found it easy to deal with because you had prepared us in advance.  Thanks for making it possible for us to serve our customer better.” 

Liz, Seattle WA

“The feeling of freedom and the increase in my productivity are two tangible results that I experience daily.  I didn’t realize how wearing it was to work and live in cluttered environments until you showed me the contrast.  Thank you for helping me reclaim my priorities.”

Jan, Ballard WA







Priorities First is a company based in the Pacific Northwest ( Washington) who serves the Puget Sound, Seattle, the Eastside and King and Snohomish county. Led by Sandee Fahlen CPO ® , (Certified Professional Organizer) Priorities First specializes in relocation, organization, downsizing, space planning, storage, merge, purge, moving, packing and unpacking. Priorities First can help you organize your home, office or business, garage, pantry, closets, kitchen or just about any room in your house and help you control clutter and disorganization improving your time management and stress reduction. If you feel that you are disorganized or want to streamline your life, give us a call. Priorities First is a member of NAPO or the National Association of Professional Organizers.