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Does Priorities First offer Gift Certificates?
Absolutely!  Giving a gift that can lead to stress reduction and more time is priceless.  Many of our long-term clients started our services with a gift from a friend or loved one.

What organization company has been around the longest in the Puget Sound area?
Priorities First!  No other team, company or individual has been organizing longer in the Puget Sound area.  There are others who claim they have been around as long, but NO ONE has the experience that Priorities First has.  We have been in business for 20 years, not just claimed it.

Is Priorities First insured and licensed?
Yes we are, we have insurance and we are licensed by the State of Washington.  Additionally, Sandee is a Certified Professional Organizer by the National Association of Professional Organizers

Will Priorities First do the work for me?
Yes and no.  In the beginning, we will need your involvement to learn more about you and your goals.  After learning what your goals are we can get to work and from there on out all we really need is some brief decision making time.  Of course if you prefer, you can be involved the entire time but we tend to work faster on our own costing you less.

Do I need to be home or present during the process?
You do not have to be home but your presence in the middle and at the end of each session will ultimately make things go the smoothest and most efficiently.

Does Priorities First do homes out of state?  Would I need to be present for that?
Priorities First specializes in multiple residences.  We will travel to your vacation, or second home but we require that we have organized or downsized your primary Puget Sound based residence first.  Once we organize your primary residence we can usually learn enough about the systems and lifestyle you prefer and your presence will not be as necessary.

Does Priorities First purchase the products needed to organize/downsize my home?
Yes, we collect all of the things necessary to complete your homes transformation and we bring the tools needed to complete the job as well.

Does Priorities First dispose of all of the garbage/recycle/charity items for me?
Yes and no.  Within reason we will always haul away the garbage and recycle associated with our work.  If you have a large amount of garbage/recycle/charity items, we will haul them away or make arrangements for a company who specializes in that to take care of your needs.  All of the costs associated with those companies will be discussed with you beforehand if you prefer.  In some cases our vehicles can accommodate a large amount of garbage/recycle/charity items.  We bill at our hourly rate for these trips plus any dumping/recycle fees associated.

What forms of payment can I use?
We accept Cash, Check, or PayPal at this time.

Do you offer a referral fee?
Yes, any new client you send our way pays you $100.







Priorities First is a company based in the Pacific Northwest ( Washington) who serves the Puget Sound, Seattle, the Eastside and King and Snohomish county. Led by Sandee Fahlen CPO ® , (Certified Professional Organizer) Priorities First specializes in relocation, organization, downsizing, space planning, storage, merge, purge, moving, packing and unpacking. Priorities First can help you organize your home, office or business, garage, pantry, closets, kitchen or just about any room in your house and help you control clutter and disorganization improving your time management and stress reduction. If you feel that you are disorganized or want to streamline your life, give us a call. Priorities First is a member of NAPO or the National Association of Professional Organizers.